How to Find the Best WordPress Themes

WordPress themes are a great way to add your personal touch to the blog. You can find a variety of themes for some free and some paid, that will make you stand out from the rest. While it may seem overwhelming to pick out the perfect theme, there are a few things you can do to help narrow down your choices.

Find out what your blog’s audience is on search engines. Themes have keywords in the name that could be useful to your readers. For example, if you are looking for a piano theme, then you would search for something like “piano”.

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It’s important to be careful because some keyword phrases can mean something entirely different to search engines than to your readers. Try to avoid using these as much as possible.

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Next, find out what kind of themes are already popular on your niche. If you’re blogging about homes, you may want to consider a home theme. A theme may also interest you because of how easy it is to customize. You can use such a theme to showcase some of your more interesting or valuable articles.

Before you purchase a theme, check reviews of existing themes that you may be interested in. You can find such reviews by visiting WP and following the instructions to go through a short tutorial. After you have reviewed the results, it may be worthwhile to read a few of the reviews that came up, see if there are any gems.

If you’re looking to add color to your blog, check out the many color-themed themes that are available. You can either look at free themes that are available online or try to purchase a paid theme that offers extra features. Not only can a paid theme offer you multiple colors, it can also offer a wide variety of other theme options such as backgrounds, icons, borders, widgets, and widgets.

Choosing a theme is just the first step; after that, you have to create a blog to display your theme. Use the free WordPress theme to get a feel for how to use the program. You’ll need to follow its directions to integrate it with your blog.

Best of all, it’s easy to update your theme as you see fit.


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